Cressey Road United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Cultivating, Celebrating, and Activating Faith

Coordinator of Ministries Job Description

Title:  Coordinator of Ministries


Reports to:  Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)


Consults with:

  • Pastor
  • Natural Church Development Health Team
  • Church Council


Overall Responsibility:  Develop, monitor, support and evaluate the youth and adult programs and ministries of Cressey Road United Methodist Church


Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Assembling and maintaining an annotated inventory of all new and ongoing programs and ministries.
  • Analyzing this inventory with respect to the Natural Church Development quality characteristics.
  • Support ongoing programs and ministries that enhance the church’s natural development by:      
  1. Identifying, encouraging and empowering lay leadership;
  2. Offering training opportunities as needed;
  3. Monitoring ongoing programs and ministries to identify any needs or opportunities for improvement;
  4. Identifying the outcomes of programs, at least annually.
  • Prepare proposals for programs and ministries in conjunction with the Health Team and the SPRC which address areas that are most likely to enhance the natural development of the church.
  • When a new program or ministry is approved by the church council the coordinator will:
  1. Recruit leadership and provide training;
  2. Monitor the start up of that program or ministry;
  3. Evaluate each new program or ministry upon completion.
  • Prepare and present reports on ministries and programs for each Church Council meeting.
  • Assisting the Pastor with administrative duties as needed.



  • High School education or greater;
  • Excellent communication skills in a variety of media;
  • Comfortable with groups and people of all ages, including speaking in front of groups;
  • A vision for development of the church;
  • A commitment to personal, spiritual and professional growth;
  • A passion for ministry;
  • Membership in Cressey Road UMC within one year;
  • An educational background and/or experience that demonstrates:
  1. A history of organizational success;
  2. Evidence of commitment of service to God;
  3. Evidence of devotion to God in daily life.


Work Environment:  Duties will be performed primarily at Cressey Road United Methodist Church, but there will be opportunities to work in a variety of other locations.  Coordinator will be provided a laptop for business use.


Physical Demands:  Physical demands of the position are expected to be primarily sedentary to light:  intermittent sitting with occasional stand/walk and occasional lifting up to 10 pounds, frequent typing and telephone use.


Time Requirements: This is a part time position, requiring 24 hours of work per week.  Time worked will be on a flexible schedule.


Compensation: A salary of $18,000 to $22,000/year will be paid, dependent on the successful applicant’s qualifications and experience.  In addition, $360.00/year will be provided for travelling expenses, and $600.00/year will be provided for continuing education.


Application Deadline: December 4, 2011